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Published by Kevin O'Keefe, CEO & Founder of LexBlog

Legal Blogging Group on LinkedIn update

LinkedIn legal blogsTwo or three weeks ago I started a Legal Blogging Group at LinkedIn. Kind of an experiment as I was not sure how groups worked at LinkedIn, but I wanted a better way to connect with more folks in the legal industry with an interest in blogging.

I’ve done little, if anything, to promote the group. But by word getting around, presumably by LinkedIn members seeing the group icon on other users’ LinkedIn profiles, we’ve got about 350 members.

Looks to be good cross section of people. Lawyers as well as IT, knowledge management, marketing, and management professionals in law firms. Plus quite a few folks working in companies tangental to the law. Both active bloggers as well people who appear to have an interest in blogging. And it’s quite an international group.

Right now, we’re just adding members, but I’m going to start some things that will allow us to exchange information about blogging. Ought to be good for those who have been blogging for awhile yo pick up more tricks of the trades and bounce ideas off each other as well as those thinking of getting started – they’ll have a

group readily available to answer questions.

Click here to join the group. I’ll receive and approve your request.

Spread the word on your blog, in listservs, and the like. I’ll do the same. I expect the group will grow into the thousands and be a valuable networking resource for years to come.