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Law bloggers getting a little help from their friends

March 27, 2008

One side benefit from publishing a law blog is being able to ask your readers for help from to time.

In exchanging notes about his comment on my AmLaw 200 post, Ken Adams, publisher of AdamsDrafting mentioned another of his blog experiments.

A couple of days ago I posted an item asking for volunteers to proofread portions of the manuscript of the second edition of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting. So far over two dozen people have responded. I had two reasons for doing this. First, I’d like some fresher eyeballs to look at stuff that I’ve read umpteen times, and I’ve learned that you can’t expect publishers these days to devote resources to copyediting. Also, I thought some of my readers would enjoy it and that it would give me a new way to engage with them……[T]he book has benefited from comments and leads offered by my readers. Having them pitch in with proofreading is just an extension of that.

The number of times I’ve received help from readers is more than I can count. Whether getting info for a post I was working on, getting hard copies of news stories, locating a contact, getting insider tips, or setting up meetings during my travels, you guys have been fabulous.

What are some things readers of your blog have done for you?

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