ALM LegalTechAmerica Lawyer Media’s isn’t passing out press passes to all bloggers for ALM’s LegalTech New York (LTNY). But they’re doing the next best thing by showcasing your blog posts relating to LTNY on

How’s it work?

  •, in cooperation with Law Technology News magazine, will devote’s Legal Blog Watch Web page and newsletter to LTNY coverage from Tuesday through Thursday, Feb. 5-7, offering a central clearinghouse for LTNY-related blog coverage.
  • If you’ll be blogging at LTNY, email with the name of your blog and bloggers.
  • post about all blogger-participants.
  • After you post on your blog, send them the URL with an intro sentence about the post to . (Include your name, blog name, phone number, and email address in case they need to contact you)
  • The Legal Blog Watch editor will post the blog posts in a style similar to that of the EDD Update Blog.
  • ALM will highlight the LTNY Special Edition of Legal Blog Watch on, the Law Technology News website, Legal Technology and their associated blogs: EDD Update, Sean Doherty’s Legal Technology and Monica Bay’s The Common Scold.

In addition, per Per Monica Bay, Editor-in-Chief of Law Technology News,

[ALM is] offering free full confererence passes to all bloggers who are journalists, analysts or consultants, who plan to blog during LTNY. Not just journalists.

Vendor bloggers are also welcome to participate in our LegalBlogWatch three-day LTNY marathon, and join us at the Weds morning gathering, but we cannot offer vendor bloggers full conference passes.

Email requests for press pass credentials to by noon on Monday, Feb. 4, and pick up your credentials at LegalTech registration during the show.

Bloggers aren’t being recognized as journalists across the board by ALM, something that can get folks like me up in arms. But looking at some law blogs, I can understand why.

Finally, all bloggers are welcome to join ALM,, and Law Technology News on Wednesday, from 9-10 a.m., for an informal bloggers gathering at the Pettite Trianon Room, on the 3rd floor of the Hilton. They promise to provide lousy coffee and mediocre Danish.

Maybe I ought to be attending. I had not planned to do so. After attending in ’06, I had nightmares for 2 weeks about E-Disvovery vendors attacking me from both sides of narrow aisles. Nothing wrong with e-discovery software of course, I just have no use for it.