live blogging Jeralyn MerrittDenver Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeralyn Merritt was live blogging from the courtroom at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday for oral arguments in the appeal of former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio, convicted earlier this year of insider trading.

Jeralyns Talk Left Blog, covering the politics of crime, is far beyond the typical law blog. Nonetheless live blog as a lawyer capable of a providing unique perspective beyond that of a typical blog is a nice way to draw attention to you and your blog. Especially if it’s a profile case.

Take some of Jeraylyn’s thoughts yesterday as an example.

…[T]wo of the judges seemed more favorable to the defense than the government on the materiality issue and all three had problems with the exclusion of the defense expert witness without a Daubert hearing. If I were Nacchio, I’d be cautiously optimistic. If I were the Government, I’d be concerned. But no one has a crystal ball and everyone will have to wait until the opinion is rendered.

It’s even better if you can do your live blogging for a local newspaper, TV/Radio station, or magazine (Jeralyn’s case).

No one’s expecting you to cover a trial, but an oral appeal, motion hearing, or sentencing could be done and offer good value to your community.

Expect live blogging from lawyers to be a growing trend. As the quality of lawyer blogging improves and main stream media revenues decline, the main stream media will be looking to display syndicated blog content like this on their online news sites.