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Bill Marler featured in Wall Street Journal Law Blog again

October 31, 2007

Peter Lattman seems to be as big a fan of Bill Marler’s blog as we are. For the second time in less than a month, Bill is back in the headlines at the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog again this morning.

Last time WSJ Law Blog readers heard from Bill, he was criticizing the USDA for claiming that America’s meat supply is the safest on the planet. Today’s update finds him on another adventure in his ongoing battle against companies that poison their customers. Earlier this month, after a Minnesota woman died from eating E. coli contaminated meat at Salem Lutheran Church in Longville, Bill filed a lawsuit against Nebraska Beef (who produced the tainted meat).

Business as usual for this Seattle lawyer, until the unexpected kicker: Nebraska Beef, in response, filed suit against the church – Salem Lutheran was negligent, they say, for not preparing the fatal meal properly. This didn’t sit well with Bill: he was livid, and used his blog (as well as the comments section on this morning’s post) to explain the absurdity of Nebraska Beef’s suit.

Lattman even acknowledges that he gives Bill “lots of airtime,” and offers a three-tiered line of reasoning for being such a fan:

(A) we can’t get over his wife’s vanity plate, (B) we’re interested in interesting niche legal practices and (C) his blog entertains us.

Yet another reason that niche practices, and by extension niche blogs, are a key to legal success. Through developing a powerful reputation in the food safety industry, Bill is acting as an agent of change. And nothing enhances a reputation better than being featured in a blog like Lattman’s.

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