Local food safety lawyer Bill Marler, whose Marler Clark offices are just a few blocks from the LexBlog headquarters here in Seattle, has again been featured in the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

Today’s update features news on the recent E. coli outbreak that prompted a major recall of American ground beef, and quotes USDA official Richard Raymond as saying America’s meat supply is "the safest in the world."

Not true, Bill tells Peter Lattman:

“21,000,000 pounds of hamburger meat is recalled – that is 84,000,000 quarter-pound hamburgers – and Dr. Richard Raymond of the USDA says our meat supply ‘is the safest in the world?’” he said. “One would think that with hundreds of Americans poisoned that Dr. Raymond would not being the ‘cheerleader in chief’ for the beef industry but would be asking one simple question – ‘What is going on?’”

This marks the third time, by our count, that Lattman has featured Bill in an update…and the second time he’s cited Mrs. Marler’s "ECOLI" vanity license plate.

  • Kevin McKeown

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    Kevin: please expound this tag methodology. Why would anyone search for “cool stuff?”

  • Cool stuff is category and by default will become a tag. And when cover so many items in a blog and needing a category for each item, that’s what you get. Look at Guy Kawasaki’s blog as an example.
    Note too that blogs are like magazines. Open Wired, Outside, or any other magazine and they are likely to have monthly sections that have titles that are not descriptive and for which people would not search.
    If I were adding tags to that post they would be marler, wsj, “vanity plates.” Did not see as great value adds.