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Francis Pileggi gets star treatment from Delaware Business Ledger

September 25, 2007

According to the Delaware Business Ledger, Fox Rothschild attorney Francis Pileggi has earned the title “dean of Delaware law bloggers.”

In a cover story in this month’s edition of the Ledger, Francis’ Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog is given the star treatment by reporter Eileen Dallabrida, who points out that in just two years, Francis has become a “prolific writer on legal matters,” calling his blog “a nationally recognized source of information on Delaware corporate and commercial litigation.”

The article covers the marketing value blogs can have for law firms, and points out that a growing number of firms are listening.

In 2006, one-fifth of U.S. law practices hosted blogs, according to a survey of e-market practices by Primary Research Group.

UCLA professor Stephen Bainbridge, a leader corporate law blogger, certainly gave Pileggi the thumbs up.

I read Francis Pileggi’s Delaware litigation blog religiously. It’s an essential resource for those of us who work in corporate law.

“Blogging is changing the face of legal scholarship,” Pileggi told the Ledger. “It might not be a replacement for law journals — but it certainly compliments them.”

Update: Francis was just was asked to to be on a local TV news show tonight to talk about his blog.

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