Join legal marketing expert Larry Bodine and I on September 12 for a webinar on using the latest technology to generate new business. It’s over the Web, on your computer, from 1 to 2 ET.

Talked with Larry today and we agreed are goal is twofold. One, to provide concrete examples of how law firms are using technology to further enhance the reputation of their lawyers and grow business. And two, that attendees leave with clear instructions on how to immediately use those technologies.

Here’s some of the items we’ll cover:

  • Why some lawyer blogs are generating a huge ROI for law firms and why other law blogs are failing.
  • How to effectively use RSS and a newsreader to network with your target audience and get others spreading the word about your firm’s expertise.
  • How to get regular media interviews and invitations to present at conferences through blogs and social networking services.
  • How to get your plans for innovative technology, including the use of blogs and social media, approved by your law firm’s management.
  • The price law firms pay for lagging behind their prospective business clients in the use of marketing technologies.
  • The edge that law firms using RSS, blogs, social networking services, and innovative websites have over their competitors.
  • How low cost technology marketing techniques with less time commitment on the law firm marketing department are bringing greater returns than traditional marketing and PR.

Head over here for more info and registration.