There’s a number of the ILTA conference attendees who are blogging from the Orlando conference this week. Subscribing to a RSS feed of ILTA at Google blog search I’ve picked up posts from the following folks (let me know who I’ve missed):

Presented with Dennis Kennedy yesterday afternoon and chatted with Bruce MacEwen at the reception last evening. So expect to see some blogging from them.

No reason to expect ILTA to ever be Gnomedex when it comes to attendees live blogging the conference. But this is an excellent start. Last year I’m not sure I saw any posts from attendees.

With the growth of blogs, internal and external, at leading law firms, you can expect to see their IT professionals blogging. When they’re at ILTA conferences, that’ll mean live conference blogging. Big plus not only for attendees looking to network with liked minded folks they’ll meet by virtue of blog posts, but also for people unable to attend. And for ILTA conference coordinators live blogging only promotes the value of your conference and drives higher attendance.

For next year maybe LexBlog can organize the bloggers and create an integrated RSS feed from all of the ILTA blogs – one subscription and you get all the posts.

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  • Kevin,
    Thanks for the update – would be great to have a “” q&a from ILTA with some of the key bloggers like you, George, Dennis, etc.

  • Kevin, I visited those blogs you list above, and it looks like only 2 of them are actually blogging from ILTA — Ron and Doug (and maybe Chris, kinda sorta). The others have posts *about* ILTA, but they don’t appear to be blogging *from* ILTA.
    However, there are two more you can add to your list: Ross Kodner ( and David Hobbie ( are blogging from the conference. I see Dennis also posted, at your urging :-)
    I know this conversation has been had before, but I think the low number of ILTA bloggers is consistent with what’s happening at the other legal technology conferences. Whatever the reason for that, conference blogging is just not catching on in the legal arena like in other areas.

  • Kevin,
    It was a pleasure indeed to sit with both you and Dennis and talk up the essential and powerful use of blogging. It is no surprise that few are actually blogging from the ILTA conference…although change in this arena is fast and everchanging, most people are slow to change. On the bright side, you challenging those who are listening is great!