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Using MySpace to build your law blog audience

MySpace is not for every lawyer, but with with 36% of its users being between the ages of 35-54, MySpace cannot be dismissed.

Though just throwing up a page/blog in MySpace is not likely to to generate any business, MySpace could be a good place to network with other bloggers having an interest in your niche area of the law. Not just other lawyers, but business people and other folks who may be facing issues for which you offer legal services or know of people who do so.

Networking is the key. Your goal is not to reach out your proverbial hand and say, ‘Hey, hire me as your lawyer.’ Your goal is to increase your blog readership so that other bloggers will subscribe to your blog and cite what you post to your blog now and then. Being cited as an authority in your niche is marketing gold.

Kevin Palmer of Buzz Networker offers some practical tips for using MySpace to build your blog audience. Though you should read his whole post featured at ProBlogger, here’s a bulleted list of Kevin’s tips.

  • Share original content on MySpace, as opposed to just linking out to content elsewhere. Some MySpace users view the net as beginning an ending with MySpace and may not follow your links. But offering content interested folks may read and point out to their network at MySpace can be a winner.
  • Target your audience through MySpace’s powerful search features. The net, unlike a newspaper or TV ad, is all about identifying your target audience, finding where they are, and then communicating with them. On MySpace, run searches for your locale and/or for the types of folks who may need your services or know of people who may need your services.
  • Target blogs within your niche by using the MySpace blog rankings. Having identified the leaders, target their audience using Technorati as a tool to determine who their subscribers are. Kevin explains further here.

Kevin, a veteran user of MySpace for marketing has a whole series of posts on building a large blog audience via MySpace, He’s up to Part 8 as of today.

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