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The real Blawg

BlawgSilly lawyers, lawyer blogs already have a name – ‘lawyer blogs.’ The real blawg comes from Seattle and has nothing to do with lawyers or the law.

It’s the UW Huskies Dawgblawg, now back for the 2007 college football season. It’s published as part of the Seattle PI by Nathan Ware, a Seattle area entrepreneur in the tech industry, devoted husband, and Husky fan.

And Nathan doesn’t shy away from claiming to be a top Blawg.

This Blawg is successful when you get involved! We were the #1 Seattle PI reader blog during last season and I fully expect that we’ll be back to that ranking once this season commences.

Just another reason to wonder why the ABA Journal used the term Blawg in in their new wonderful directory of legal blogs. Why confuse the public who is already lost in the legaleze we lawyers kick out? But I guess the ABA isn’t known for improving the image of lawyers nor opening the lines of communication between average Americans since I graduated from law school 25 years ago.

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