Darren Rowse picked up on a post by Steve Remington using the analogy of roads and intersections for placement of your blog.

Think of your blog as a virtual business on a road. Your best chance of success is not sitting out in the middle of cyberspace where nobody can find you. Landing your blog in the middle of downtown or on an intersection somewhere will give you many more readers and potential clients.

Darren adds, “A blogger who simply works on their own blog and doesn’t work to put themselves ‘out there’ on a busy intersection will limit the potential of their blog even if they write great content.”

That’s the true of art of blogging – engaging in an ongoing discussion in your niche area of expertise. You find this discussion or ‘busy intersection’ by setting up your RSS reader to follow blogs on your niche as well as relevant key words and key words from Google Blog Search and Google News. Start referencing what is already being written/discussed and others will write about your posts – whether they be bloggers or reporters. You’ll then find your blog placed on a valuable piece of real estate at the ‘busy intersection.’