Redfin, an online real estate firm, had to pull down its blog last month when the MLS said the blog violated rules preventing non listing firms from advertising other firms’ listings. Its Sweet Digs blog had 15 writers posting reviews of homes for sale.

But the Sweet Digs blog returned today with info on what homes sold, which had price reductions, open house schedules, and more for the Seattle and San Francisco markets.

Redfin CEO, Glenn Kelman, explained to our Puget Sound Business Journal:

Every neighborhood has a real estate agent publishing postcards on recent sales, price reductions and open houses. Now we’re putting that information in an online newsletter, for every market we serve. Sweet Digs will launch in Boston and Southern California later this summer.

Congrats to Glen and the team at Redfin. They’re fighting organized realtors trying to protect their turf from an innovative startup. Redfind gives a portion of its commission back to the buyer or seller, something, traditional realtors cannot afford to do.

Big difference with Sweet Digs now is that there are no RSS feeds that I can see, just email updates of info.