Thomson Reuters CEO launches blog

Tom Glocer, CEO for the newly formed Thomson Reuters (Thomson acquired Reuters last week) has launched his own blog.

We are all subject to a lot of official communications these days from companies, governments, celebrities and others.  All too often these are ghost written passages concocted by overeager PR machines and do little to tell you anything new about the author or his or her true interests.

All the best writing at Reuters gets done by our journalists, so I certainly don’t pretend that I can improve upon the impressive work they produce everyday, often at great personal risk.  Instead I’m going to write about what interests me, which is often my work at Reuters, as well as wider issues like technology and media – two areas that I am fascinated by.

I imagine much of my audience will be internal at Reuters, although this blog is open to anyone.  I am currently experimenting with various bits of it so it may change from time to time.  But I’ll try to update it regularly, although sometimes the doing makes the talking about it difficult.  My real aim is to engage in an electronic dialog with whomever wants to comment on a post or otherwise share their views.

Leading a new media company, this is a wise move by Tom. I expect Thomson-Reuter’s blogs to trend down into their legal properties such as West FindLaw, which already publishes a blog or two.

Interesting that Glocer’s competitors over at Reed Elsevier LexisNexis continue to stick their heads in the sand when it comes to blogs.

I can’t even get Jonathan Hoy, LexisNexis’ content licensing manager and who heads up their misguided effort to effort to syndicate law blogs, to respond to an email. Of course, Hoy who is proported to have some knowledge about blogs and how they are consumed, doesn’t publish a blog himself.

Source on post: Chuck Lowry of American Lawyer Media, another competitor of LexisNexis with blogs.

Kevin O'Keefe
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