My wife, Jill, and I got together with Weston Fricke, LexBlog’s financial brain trust, for a few hour lunch this afternoon at the 35th St. Bistro in Fremont. Jill and I always envy non islanders for the nice restaurants available to them.

I’ve been working with Weston on financial modeling, budgeting, and cash flow analysis for over a year. He’s been a God send. Weston worked for Arthur Anderson and Courtlink here in Seattle. I hooked up with Weston when LexBlog was considering a move to Bozeman, Montana, where Weston now lives.

Entrepreneurs have wives or husbands who are saints. Constant discussion about cash flow, equity, funding, and ownership interests is not the calmest of lives for a spouse. But having a trusted friend like Weston, who calls ‘financial issues’ the easy part of the equation compared to sales, client services, tech, and HR, is a real calming influence.

Ironic that we met to discuss financial issues in Fremont, a Seattle neighborhood that’s home to a controversial statue of Lenin salvaged from Slovakia by a Seattle art lover who was teaching in the area at the fall of communism.