Had the chance to spend Saturday afternoon with Justia founder Tim Stanley. Good dinner too – thanks Tim.

Kevin OKeefe, LexBlog, Tim Stanley, Justia Tim and I on Bellingham’s Fairhaven walkway.

Good discussion about blogs and the resulting discourse on the law as well as making law freely accessible via Justia’s growing legal portal. Good opportunities to work together on some things.

Tim and Justia’s Cicely Wilson attended Western Washington University’ career-fest Thursday and Friday talking to students about joining Justia. Became an extended vacation for them being able to stay at Cicely’s mom’s home in Bellingham.

Really enjoy these talks with Tim. As bright a guy as I have met in the legal vertical. With Tim and his wife, Stacey Stern, founding FindLaw and selling it to West and my founding Prairielaw and selling it to LexisNexis, there were quite a few years we didn’t talk much. Now our discussions tend to be wide open and mutually beneficial.