LexisNexis does have a blog.

In response to my post and follow up email asking if there were any LexisNexis Blogs, I received an email from Jennifer Aleknavage, Communications Manager for LexisNexis, U.S. Corporate Markets.

Jennifer mentioned Marie Kaddell’s blog, Federal Info Pro, dedicated to topics of interest to federal librarians. Marie has over twenty-five years of experience in the library and information science field with a special focus on law librarianship and technology in libraries. She’s an Information Professional Consultant at LexisNexis supporting government librarians.

Jennifer referenced a second blog, LexisNexis Insurance Compliance. However, it’s not a blog in the sense of allowing LexisNexis employees to interact with their customers and the public at large.

Insurance Compliance is a web based solution providing some sort of info & insight from insurance experts. You need to contact LexisNexis, who will then contact you for a ‘test-drive’ of the site. I sent in a request on Sunday and have heard nothing. Could be an internal/closed resource run on blog software but I can’t tell.

LexisNexis has over 13,000 employees and one blog, as best I can tell. That’s surprising in this day when corporations are using blogs for PR and for interfacing with their customer base. LexisNexis employs thousands of information/knowledge management people as well as thousands interfacing with information intensive industries such as the legal profession. That’s a perfect fit for blogs.

Questions now are whether LexisNexis promotes employees to publish blogs by or has any policies for approval of blogs/vetting of content that would effectively chill employees from publishing blogs.

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