Is LexBlog an Internet marketing tool for lawyers that competes with websites, email newsletters, listservs and the like? I don’t think so.

As LexBlog and social media evolve I see LexBlog being the discussion driver of choice for the legal, medical, and scientific industries. We empower thought leaders in these areas to participate in, kick start and lead discussion in their niche areas of practice.

The benefit is two fold. One, that professionals using LexBlog’s tools and support stake their claim to being a reliable and trusted authority in their niche. Second, LexBlog helps advance collaborative discussion and knowledge in the legal, medical, and scientific industries.

We’re always saying if we could bring great minds together using the latest technology, we could solve societal problems. Well, that technology is cheap and simple. It’s blogs, blog search engines, and newsreaders that empower discussion among the best and brightest.

Last evening I was speaking with LexBlog’s IT adviser about the potential for LexBlog to serve discussion leaders in various verticals. We realized that our turnkey solution had ‘incented’ very busy professionals to enter into ongoing discussions on the net.

We also realized that Google’s mission was changing from ‘organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful’ to ‘organizing the world’s discussion and making it universally accessible and useful.’ Someone like LexBlog had to provide effect ‘plumbing’ to drive discussion among thought leaders.

Sure, LexBlog is a very effective marketing tool, but we have the opportunity to serve society in a much bigger way.

Tell me if you think I’m off base.