Does anyone know of anyone at LexisNexis who is blogging?

Question came to mind when, which distributes posts from a limited number of blogs into news services like LexisNexis and Thomson, asked to have my blog included and for me to email LexBlog clients letting them know of the offer. On the legal side, there’s about 30 legal blogs included.

As part of’s presentation, I was directed to an article in which LexisNexis described how a news service can deliver blog content in a way that’s helpful to readers and blog publishers. Jonathan Hoy, LexisNexis’ Strategic Alliance Manager, was quoted at length. It was suggested that I pass this article on to LexBlog clients, presumably the point being that LexisNexis’ understanding of blogs and how they’re consumed would be persuasive in having blog publishers sign up with

Question came to my mind is whether anyone at LexisNexis blogs. If not, how could they understand blogs enough to suggest how blog content should be delivered and consumed?

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