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UK Web 2.0 conference for lawyers

The UK’s Society for Computers and the Law is holding a Web 2.0 Conference for Lawyers June 22 and 23 St Anne’s College Oxford.

In keeping with the collaborative philosophy that spawned the likes of Wikipedia and which, at a surface level at least, underpins social software innovations, the SCL Conference will aim to pool ideas and provides a forum to achieve this. In place of the standard lecture format, the Conference features hands-on, structured panel sessions. Each panel session features a short presentation by one or two keynote speakers setting out the latest thinking on their subject. The panel then analyse each point with the help of contributions and questions from you, the delegate. This approach ensures that each session is lively and you will benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of the speakers, panellists and other delegates.

They’re pretty dramatic in describing the effect Web 2.0 is having on the law. “…Web 2.0 is changing the landscape of intellectual property like a bulldozer in a neatly planted garden.”

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