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Google and antitrust

April 16, 2007

Google may be setting the land speed record from company launch (late 90’s) to alleged antitrust violations.

Gordon Smith picked up on the discussion this morning:

Bloggers are buzzing about the Google-DoubleClick deal (alarm:clock has a great roundup), but the most interesting aspect of the case for law professors is the antitrust angle. What is the relevant market? Microsoft and AT&T already have attempted to frame the discussion around ‘online advertising,’ but Google CEO Eric Schmidt has responded by claiming that Google and DoubleClick are each ‘small components of a much larger advertising market.’ (NYT)

Like Gordon, I know little of anitrust law so I’ll leave the merits of the discussion to others.

It would be ironic though if Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer’s best defense of Google’s stranglehold of the search market is to argue antitrust violations.

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