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Lawyers can learn from Berkeley grandma blogging from Baghdad

Jane Stillwater, a self-described Berkeley ‘flower child of 40 years ago, ate peanut butter sandwiches for months to save up for a ticket to Kuwait. And with sponsorship from a small Texas newspaper she got to Baghdad with Department of Defense press credentials to serve as a wartime reporter via her blog.

From Michelle Locke of the the Associated Press:

Some of her entries deal with everyday life during wartime. Others are strongly political, musing on issues such as using violence to fight violence in what she sees as the ‘broken egg’ of Iraq.

Lawyers should take inspiration from bloggers like Stillwater. Read some of her posts. For example, her interview of two female Parliament members at the Parliament just before a suicide bomb exploded. You’ll be amazed.

Lawyers cost hundreds of dollars an hour, far beyond the means of everyday Americans. Even people who may be able to afford a lawyer don’t trust lawyers enough to turn to one at a time of need.

Why not start a legal blog providing information and insight to people in your community? You’ll be helping people in need without ever leaving your office or family room. With bloggers like Stillwater, what’s your excuse not to reach out and help people?

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