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Down coats and opening day

April 10, 2007

Looks like you don’t have to wear down coats to attend opening day down in San Francisco. Tim Stanley from Justia reports the Giants only got beat by a touchdown.

Last Monday my family (only 6 of us now that Colin is in college) weathered the cold in down coats and the roof closure in the 3rd inning to protect us from Puget Sound showers, which of course never came, to do our 8th annual M’s opener. Felix did mow down the A’s with 12 strikeouts though.

Regular readers know I am an avid baseball fan holding out hope this will be the Cubs century now that we have former M’s manager Lou Pinella. The M’s chased Lou out of town the year after the M’s won 116 games.

Monica Bay reports down jackets were appropriate out in New York for the Yankees opener. The hated Yanks (she loves them) snuck by the always dangerous Devil Rays.

Monica’s now witnessing under the dome the Yanks pasting of my Twins, the team I grew up with back in La Crosse beginning with the ’65 Worlds Series. Monica was hosting her 4th annual Twins fest tonight where $A-Rod homered for the 6th time in 7 games.

Even more important for Monica is MLB’s decision to allow Extra Innings on Cable TV. Monica, living in Manhattan, can’t get a satellite dish, something she needed when MLB did it’s exclusive deal with DirecTv, to get each and every game – something us junkies have to have to have to watch teams we grew up with.

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