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Happy Birthday to longest running blog

On this day, ten years ago, a weblog named Scripting News appeared for the first time at this address.” This from Dave Winer, celebrating the birth of his blog.

I find Dave Winer one of the most interesting guys on the net and have been following him for years. Sitting next to him at a conference is a treat. He takes some grief from some of the younger Web 2.0 guys, but I find this self described ‘crazy old uncle’ an ‘intergalactic treasure.’

I wholeheartedly agree with Dave’s assessment of Scripting News’ impact:

  1. It helped bootstrap the blogging world. Many of the earliest weblogs were patterned after this site. The software that was used to build many of those blogs came from Scripting News.
  2. It was the focal point for the communities that created RSS and podcasting.
  3. Many of the political and social innovations that sprang from the blogging world got their start in the Scripting News community.

Dave’s archived the 1997 version of the home page for us older nostalgic folks.

Glad to see you haven’t stopped blogging Dave, something you discussed last summer.

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