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Doctors blogs share patient details

Hundreds of doctors are blogging about patients, including harsh judgments of patients, per Detroit Free Press’ Margartia Bauza. The posts draw dozens of comments from patients and non patients.

More absurd is the discussion in the article about doctors getting a patient’s consent before blogging about them and that patients concerned about such disclosures should ask their doctor if they blog. This from Marie Doherty, an administrator in charge of nurses at Royal Oak, Mich.-based Beaumont Hospitals:

There are a lot of patients who don’t want any kind of information about them on the Internet, and that’s their choice. Each case has to be dealt with individually. If a patient is concerned with blogging, they should definitely ask their doctor if they have a site.

So when I go in for a physical, I am supposed to ask my doctor if they have a blog?

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