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Easier than you think to draw blog traffic

Seth Godin’s list of ineffective short cuts used to draw blog traffic sounds like what I hear from lawyers and legal marketing experts each week.

  • Make sure that the keywords and title are perfect and limit outbound links so that you can be sure that people will only do what you want them to.
  • Spend time studying the algorithms of Google and Yahoo to figure out the very best way to jump ahead in the rankings.
  • Reciprocal links.
  • Careful metatags.

But as Seth advises, drawing traffic is not that hard.

  • If you make great stuff, people will find you.
  • If you are transparent and accurate and doing what’s good for the surfer, people will find you.
  • If you regularly demonstrate knowledge of content that’s worth seeking out, people (being selfish) will come, and people (being generous) will tell other people. It turns out that it’s easier and faster to do that than to spend all your time on the shortcuts.

Blogs are all about offering good information, that information often being summaries of what you’ve read with an accompanying link to such information. Add your commentary and insight. That will keep people coming back for more and have them telling others of the value of your blog.

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