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Blogging from the ABA TechShow 2007

March 24, 2007

The RSS feeds I picked up on blog posts form the ABA TechShow the last few days from Chicago were pretty limited – only 3 or 4. Let me know if you’ve seen others.

  • Web 2.0, meaning the web as platform, application, and collaborative software is here and showing signs of respectability.
  • E-Discovery is real; vendor software, pricing, and delivery options were extremely impressive.
  • Desktop is nearly dead, long live the browser with ASP applications.
  • Google, Google, Google: This upstart company can do for free what Microsoft, Westlaw, Lexis-Nexis, and a host of other pricey application vendors do for a fortune.
  • Indiana Paralegals posts there was a tremendous showing from Indianapolis with new features this year including a larger and more diverse vendor floor and dinners with the presenters.
  • Information Governance Engagement shares 60 tips in 60 minutes with Jim Calloway, Dan Pennington, Matt Homann, and Nancy Roberts Linder.
  • Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams, though I do not believe at TechShow, did a preview of the TechShow on their Lawyer2Lawyer show.
  • As with LegalTech earlier this year in New York, I’m concerned about the lack of blogging from lawyers and legal technology professionals while attending technology conferences. There’s WiFi in the conference rooms at all technology conferences today so blogging can be done in a snap. Promoters could find a law student to live blog in a snap – the ABA TechShow’s last blog post was 2 days before the event

    Why blog from a conference? Here’s three quick reasons.

    • Collaboration and learning. At non legal technology conferences attendees are taking notes and sharing them in near real time via blogs. By monitoring RSS feeds by keyword you’ll meet and collaborate with other attendees. Conference coordinators regularly have conference blogs and wikkis that are being regularly edited for the benefit of attendees.
    • Marketing. Imagine the viewers/readers you get from coast to coast, media included, reading your posts. They need not even know you exist ahead of time as they are listening to the discourse by RSS feeds on keywords.
    • Promotion of the conference for future years. Coordinators get huge coverage and promotion by bloggers blogging live from events.

    Let’s get with it lawyers. We can talk a good talk about being tech savvy and hip. But our conduct lags behind other industries big time.

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