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Justia’s hitting some homeruns

March 20, 2007

Tim Stanley and his crew down in Palo Alto keep adding to Justia’s legal portal through the effective use of RSS feeds. The latest are Justia Federal Court Filings & Dockets and Justia Regulation Tracker.

Dockets, updated daily, allows users to search and track when new Federal Court cases are filed by State, Court, Lawsuit Type (eg Patent Law) or Party name… or any combination thereof. Especially slick is the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed of all of the new cases for a State, Court or Lawsuit Type, or to selected search results of Dockets. Regulations Tracker allows a user to focus on regulations originating from a specific federal agency and subscribe to an RSS feed of those regulations.

Tim cofounded FindLaw with his wife and fellow lawyer, Stacey Stern. They sold to Thomson West in 2001. Rather than discard Tim and Stacey after the purchase, FindLaw may have been better keeping them so as to prevent FindLaw’s inevitable lag in technology.

As legal technology expert, Bob Ambrogi, says FindLaw may be showing its age and that “Justia today is becoming every bit as valuable as a legal portal as FindLaw once was.” “In fact,” Ambrogi continues, “I would say it is one of the best free legal-research sites on the Web.”

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