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Learn to dream lawyers

February 25, 2007

Watching the Oscars this evening, it’s enough to bring a tear to my eye watching the winners realize their dreams. They were inspired by loved ones and mentors, set their goals incredibly high, reached way down inside of themselves, and executed on a plan.

Why not we lawyers? We too can set lofty goals and achieve great heights. More than a golden statuette, the results of our labors can impact others’ lives.

Imagine you have a magic wand. Wave it. What type of work would you like to be doing in two years? What type of clients would you like to work for in two years? Make it happen.

I tell each prospective client of LexBlog exactly this. “Imagine you have a magic wand in your hand.” It’s an honor to for me challenge them, some of the finest lawyers and law firms around. Many of them also some of finest people around. So why shouldn’t they dream that they’re destined to achieve great things?

More and more lawyers are chasing their dreams by blogging. And there’s lawyers just look you who have been blogging for less than a couple years who are beginning to live their dreams.

How? There’s an ongoing discourse on your area of the law and/or locale taking place on the Internet. Join it.

Your target audience, whether existing clients, prospective clients, or those who influence them are already listening to this discourse. They see lawyers blogging on a niche area of the law. They see other lawyers citing the blog content of these lawyers. They rightfully see the lawyers writing blog content and the lawyers whose blog content is being cited as reliable and trusted authorities in their niche.

This target audience hires lawyers they see as trusted and reliable. They tell others about the lawyers they see as experts. It’s incredible. And it’s real.

When I think of dreamers I think of movie classics such as ‘Field of Dreams,’ ‘Sleepless in Seattle,’ and ‘Heaven Can Wait.’ I’m sure you have your own favorite movie where someone would not let go of their dream.

Rekindle the flame that you drove you to become a lawyer. Live that passion you once had. Live your dream.

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