Northern VoiceHad the true pleasure of presenting at Northern Voice ’07 this afternoon on the UBC campus here in Vancouver. As promised, heres a copy of Bloggers Legal Rights and Liabilities presentation (PowerPoint download). Great thanks to Toronto technology lawyer Rob Hyndman who answered my call for Canadian blog law information – borrowed from him liberally.

Pretty dry presentation compared to that of presentations I’m attending right now of veteran blogger Darren Barefoot and photographer Alex Waterhouse-Hayward. But hey, offering to talk about the law, as opposed to speaking about how to market yourself on the net, opened the door to speak here.

The full house was a pleasant surprise in that I was up against two concurrent presentations. Made for some vibrant discussion.

That’s what’s great about technology and new media conferences. People are unafraid to call out speaker on something they do not agree with and speakers who appreciate members of the audience may have more to offer than themselves. Some day we lawyers will not be quite as anal and have more lively conferences.

For bloggers looking for a great conference on blogging, Northern Voice is one to put on your list. Talented and passionate people – attendees and presenters alike.

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