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ScobleShow is in Seattle tomorrow : Email’em to put LexBlog on

Robert Scoble is bringing his ScobleShow to Pioneer Square in Seattle tomorrow, the home of many tech start-ups, including LexBlog.

For you guys living under a rock, Robert is a tech evangelist, writer, and publisher of the popular blog Scobleizer. He is currently Vice President of Media Development at the video-podcast startup company, where among other things he produces the ScobleShow, a series of interviews and stories about, as the site puts it, “geeks, technologists and developers.”

Robert “want[s] to get a ton of interviews done” in Seattle and then up in Vancouver at Northern Voice. Shoot Robert an email at and tell him to put LexBlog on his show.

In fairness to Robert, last week he let me know he’d hook up with me. Just haven’t heard more. And don’t want to leave things to chance. ;)

So please fire off an email to Robert for your friends at LexBlog.

Update: We’re on with Robert this afternoon. Please don’t send emails, he gets too many already.
Update: Looks like we’re not Scoble worthy yet. He was a no show last two days. :(

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