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Blidget : I don’t get it

Some Internet business models, much of what’s loosely described as Web 2.0, go like this:

  • We can do it
  • It’s kind of cool
  • So let’s do it
  • Dress it up in orange, green and light blue
  • Let’s tell everyone how cool it is
  • Everyone will tell everyone else how cool it is via blogs
  • We’ll figure out if it can make money later
  • If we can’t make money, we’ll try to sell to Yahoo or Google
  • If we can’t sell, it was just gambling of a couple million, pocket change to VC’s

These companies even get funded, heck they would have to as they are not making money, by the likes of VC’s like Hummer Winblad.

This morning I get an email from a client asking if I’d heard of blidget and if he should start using it. And sure enough there’s people blogging to extend your blog’s reach with a Blidget.

From what I can tell, if your blog content isn’t good enough for people to subscribe to it so as to read those posts they like from your blog, you force your blog content on the unknowing by putting a widget of all of your blog’s feeds on other people’s sites. That’s Blidget.

And what’s crazier, grown and presumably sane adult lawyers are using Blidget. Go wild.

To me, and I could be wrong, this ‘Web 2.0 gimmick’ deserves to be taken out in the desert and buried with nuclear waste and other gimmicks like Snap.

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