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Viacom becoming video source for bloggers

February 10, 2007

Google’s YouTube is not just a place where ‘kids’ upload goofy videos. Expect it to morph into a source where bloggers doing news reporting on any topic go to get video clips to embed in their blog posts. Such bloggers will also shoot video themselves, upload it at YouTube, and embed those videos in their posts.

And Viacom’s pulling its videos from YouTube last week, first seen as knee jerk copyright protection, is the precursor to Viacom’s launch of its own video site according to Techdirt. Viacom sees the opportunity to be something akin to an ‘Associated Press video source’ for bloggers.

It’s going to be a grey line between bloggers and traditional news reporters from now on. Why not have a little YouTube or Viacom logo appearing at the bottom of videos all over the net? The AP has done it for years with the syndication of news stories.

Local reporters from around the country, independent of the AP, have covered stories and shared them with AP for syndication in newspapers for decades. The syndicated stories carried the AP logo and mark for copyright protection. Open your local newspaper, you’ll see plenty of AP stories.

Expect to see continuing YouTube syndicated videos and companies like Viacom joining in.

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