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Lawyers big splog users : Supporting unscruplous SEO firms

February 4, 2007

Splogs are fake blogs are created to improve the search engine performance of websites that are linked to from the fake blog.

Law firms pay as much, if not more, to flim-flam SEO consultants in desperate attempts to achieve higher search engine rankings for their firm’s website as anyone. Some of that money goes to splogs filled with dummy law content. Those splogs, if not linking directly to the law firm’s websites, link to link farms which do link to the firm’s website.

And it’s no small problem. Ebiquity reports 56% of pinging blogs (generating RSS feeds) are splogs, down from about 70% last year.

This doesn’t mean you’re seeing all this junk when subscribing to keyword RSS feeds at Technorati, Newsgator, and Google Blog Search. Those blog search engines/feed aggregators do a pretty good job of filtering out the splogs.

It would be nice if more law firm Internet marketing companies were not so caught up in delivering search engine performance at all costs. Anyone worth their salt knows search engine performance is all about publishing valuable content on your niche area of the law.

Sure, as with all things, there are expensive short cuts delivering short term results. But it’ll catch up with you.

Source on Ebuity post: Steve Rubel

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