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LegalTech : Proposal for next year

The Dissociate’s experience with this year’s LegalTech Conference was the same as mine from last year.

Since 99.97 percent of the products at LegalTech are related in some way to discovery, e-discovery or the management of something discoverable, the only thing that stands out at most booths is the fluorescent light shining over the glossy brochures.

No doubt e-discovery must be valuable, but a person off the street would think attendees were addicted to it like crack cocaine.

The over crowded exhibit halls with narrow paths made it difficult to find your way out of the place when you couldn’t take e-discovery any more. As much as I liked talking to a few friends and clients, that’s the reason I didn’t go back. I suspect it was the same for others.

For next year let’s get some folks interested in helping lawyers get more clients and better work through the effective use of technology. Set up an area of the exhibit hall with enough space for people to breath for booths for these companies.

Let’s even have a conference track about using technology and social media to market your law practice. Heck, Monica, let the powers that be at ALM’s LegalTech know that I would be happy to help organize it.

Looks like Bob Ambrogi, writing for ALM/’s Legal Blog Watch, may be in favor:

If we are, as Monica Bay says, entering the era of EDD 2.0, perhaps these enterprising vendors will follow The Disassociate’s advice and launch the era of Marketing 2.0, in which cash is the new swag.

What do you say guys?

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