Any technology conference these days, whether focused on blogs and RSS or not, is filled with attendees blogging live from conference sessions. Set up general keyword feeds or Technorati tag feeds for the conference’s name and you’ll receive regular summaries, commentary, and insight from any number of people.

LegalTech, billed by it’s owner, American Lawyer Media (ALM), as the “largest and most important legal technology event of the year” wraps up tomorrow. Other than posts by Monica Bay, an editor with ALM, who is sharing some nice updates and insight, I have not seen one blog post from attendees.

We have the supposedly leading legal tech people in the country (thousands of them) assembled in New York and not one of them acting acting like technologists attending tech conferences in other industries. Speaks volumes of where our industry is when it comes to adopting new technologies.

I hope I am proved wrong about this absence of posts from LegalTech. But I set up the appropriate feeds and I’m not seeing anything.

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  • Kevin — I completely agree with you. We lawyers know that lawyers always lag behind on this sort of thing and they don’t even realize it. How many law firm websites brag about having an integrated computer network (whatever that means) as though anyone even cares any more?
    I have live blogged from a few China law seminars and the lawyers there just think it is both the weirdest/coolest thing they’ve ever seen. At a tech seminar it would, of course, be nothing.