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Law blog linking to competitors brings marketing success

January 27, 2007

I recently posted here and here about the need to link to competitor’s blog posts when publishing to your law blog.

Proof that linking to competitors works comes from Susan Ward of New Jersey’s Carlin and Ward recent comment:

From the inception of the New Jersey Eminent Domain Law Blog in 2005, we have linked to other blogs and news sources that discuss issues relevant to this topic, whether they are main-stream press, non-profit public interest law organizations, citizen action groups, or law firms and will continue to do so. This practice has only enhanced our reputation and reach. We even collaborate with our in-state competitors in continuing legal education seminars, and that is largely due to our collegial relationship with the practitioners in the eminent domain field.

Susan gets it. Effective legal marketing requires being recognized as an authority in your field. To get there you must enter into the ongoing discourse in your area of expertise. You can’t enter that discourse without linking to other authorities in your field, some of whom will be competitors.

As way of disclosure Carlin and Ward is one of LexBlog’s clients.