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Drive traffic to your new blog by commenting

One of the better ways to draw traffic to your new blog is through posting a comment at other relevant blogs.

No matter what area of the law and/or locale you are writing about, there are always going to be other blogs on the subject. They could be lawyer blogs, industry blogs, or local newspaper blogs.

Jennifer at Search Engine Guide, who has been posting some great stuff of late, explains how to drive traffic to your blog by commenting:

The first way is by getting your own voice and opinions in front of their readers. The best to do this is by posting thoughtful, articulate comments to their blogs. Nearly every blog platform out there allows you to include a link to your own site or profile alongside your comment, making it fairly easy for the blog’s owner or readers to track you back to your home base if they like what you have to say.

Once people start to find their way back to your site via comments, the chances increase that they’ll begin to link to you. They may enjoy your site enough to add it to their blog roll, they may tag you in the latest meme, or better yet…they may quote one of your posts and send their readers your way.

I heard over and again from bloggers at Blog Business Summit last fall about their success in driving traffic to their blogs by commenting at other blogs. I am now commenting at other blogs more often and it works. Readers at those other blogs are finding their way to my blog.

If your concerned commenting takes too long, repurpose the comment into a post on your blog.

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