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Police blotter blog

More from the creative use of law blogs front comes the Boston Police Department News Blog.

Adam Gaffin writing for the Boston Globe reports:

The Boston Police Department’s BPDNews blog can be pretty depressing to read, what with seemingly endless reports of violent crime and mayhem in the streets.

Of late, however, the blog has kept readers entertained with accounts of people who think they’re above the law. For example, a recent report detailed what happened when police cornered a car on the Albany Street ramp to I-93 south after the driver had ignored officers attempting to wave him down on a nearby street:

‘The operator stopped in the middle of the ramp and immediately became hostile upon being asked for license and registration, telling officers: ‘You have no [bad word] right to pull us over, regular police can’t stop us on the highway, I know my rights, I’m in Harvard Law School!’

Say no more! Police then graciously extended the driver the opportunity to further his legal education with some first hand experience. His passenger was also arrested when he got out of the car and swung at officers trying to get him out of traffic, BPDNews reported.

Not a bad idea for a criminal defense lawyer. Start a police blotter blog with the assistance of a part-time paralegal in your office. You’ll attract huge local attention. It’s all public record gang.

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