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Seattle may be steal

As LexBlog gears up for growth I wonder if I should be back in my Midwest home where employees can have a nice home without needing six figure salaries from me. But reading Alex Barnnet’s report after visiting London, his home before coming here for Microsoft, makes me think Seattle is a deal.

…[T]he prices and cost of living in London are ridiculous. They always have been, but the reminder was a shock. A one way tube ride is now £3 ($6), regardless of the zone you travel from and to. A vodka martini in a so-so London bar is £7.50 ($16). A three mile cab ride will rip you of £15 ($30) with a driver that seems aggrieved with the fact that he is driving you somewhere, and so on. That’s the everyday stuff (well, maybe not the martini). The property-prices-to-square-footage-ratio is getting worse too.

A 10 pack of ferry tickets is $46 for Seattle to Bainbridge, and we only pay going one way. I’d be out $120 for the same 10 trips on the tube. And the tube doesn’t serve beer and wine.

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