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Google domination

John Battelle picked up on a post from Skrenta that I’d characterize as Google domination. Just look at a couple of the points.

  • Google is the start page for the Internet. The net isn’t a directed graph. It’s not a tree. It’s a single point labeled G connected to 10 billion destination pages.
  • Next step, dominating the verticals: It’s actually not inconceivable that they could eventually own all of the destination page views too. Crazy as it sounds, it’s conceivable that they could actually end up owning the entire net, or most of what counts.

Law firms have got to have a presence on Google when people search for a lawyer by practice area and locale. Blogs are an obvious answer.

You’re going to get cited – as people do research they are going to run across your name on other blogs citing your content. You’re going to get links to your blog site. Publish good content. You’ll draw links. Incoming links from relevant topic blogs and websites are a huge factor in your rankings at Google.

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