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The 2006 Blawggies: Best law-related blogging awards are out

Dennis Kennedy, one of the true pioneers in lawyer blogging, released his annual Blawggies this evening.

Dennis acknowledges no voting is involved and the awards are based on his own ‘personal and highly-opinionated perspective.’ At the same time Dennis likes to see blogs with “(1) consistently useful content, (2) a generous and helpful approach, and (3) a combination of commitment and talent, with an emphasis on good writing.”

  1. Best Overall Law-Related Blog – Marty Schwimmer’s The Trademark Blog
  2. Best Overall Law Practice Management Blog – Tom Collins’ More Partner Income
  3. The Marty Schwimmer Best Practice-Specific Legal Blog – Evan Schaeffer’s The Illinois Trial Lawyer Weblog
  4. Best Legal Blog Category – Law Librarian Blogs and Canadian Law-related Blogs (Tie)
  5. Best Legal Blog Digest – Stark County Law Library Blog and Bob Ambrogi’s and Carolyn Elefant’s Inside Opinions (Tie)
  6. Best Blawg About Legal Blawgging – Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs
  7. Best Legal Podcast – Bob Ambrogi’s and Craig Williams’ Coast to Coast Podcast
  8. The Sherry Fowler Best Writing on a Legal Blog Award – Tony Colleluori’s That Lawyer Dude
  9. Best Law Professor Blog – Tung Yin’s The Yin Blog
  10. Best New Law-related Blog – Peter Lattman’s Law Blog and Adriana Linares’ I Heart Tech (Tie)
  11. Best Legal Technology Blog – DennisKennedy.Blog

And you got to love Dennis’ assessment of where we’re at in the progression of lawyer blogs.

What do they call it when you get thousands of lawyers, law professors, law librarians, law students, legal consultants and others writing blogs that focus on law-related content? A good start.

Like I said, read the whole post. It’s worth your while.