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I’m one in a million : New York Times says so

December 16, 2006

Normally being one in a million would be good but not when you’re one on in a million without power.

The storm that hit the Puget Sound Thursday evening took our electricity with it. Our family of seven, along with my son’s girl friend visiting from Minneapolis, will move to day three of camping in our Bainbridge Island home when we wake up tomorrow morning. This is actually worse as many campgrounds I’ve stayed at had hot showers.

This afternoon, now evening, I am hanging out in a coffee shop in Poulsbo. Every hour or so I click to the Bainbridge to Seattle Ferry webcam to see if there’s power down on the Island. Still dark.

What is it about blogging capitals getting slammed with storms this year? St. Louis, with bloggers Dennis Kennedy,Michelle Golden and Matt Homman, lost their power for almost a week this summer.

On a serious note, there were people killed and injured in the storm. There are also thousands of utility workers going 24/7 climbing power lines. The rest of us here in the Seattle area should count our blessings.

Saturday night update: My wife Jill just got home from Seattle and reports we have power. Adios coffee shop, hot shower here I come.

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