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Google PageRank no big deal to blogosphere heavy weight

I never gave much weight to my blog’s PageRank. Makes me feel even better when I read what Doc Searls had to say.

This blog’s PageRank was 8/10 for a long time. Now (my Google toolbar tells me) it’s 6/10. Not saying I care all that much. In fact, I haven’t looked at the PageRank thingie in a long time, for any page I visit. But somebody asked a PageRank question about another site, and I noticed the drop in my own, um, status. Oh well. Whatever, I guess.

This blog’s PageRank dropped from a 7 or 8 to a 6. Darn thing still comes up at the top of search engines, traffic grows, my influence seems to grow, and business continues to increase as a result of this blog, our sole marketing vehicle.

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