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Law student blogger, Mommy, spouse serving in Iraq : Send her Thanksgiving note

Received random feed from NewsGator tonight of April blog post published by a self described anonymous blogger headed to law school in the fall.

April 2006, the spring before I begin my career as a law student. Why begin another blawg, as they seem to be called? There are dozens of 1Ls and beyond all bemoaning evil con law profs and the like. How could this be any different?

I haven’t read all the blawgs, so I don’t know for sure. But I’ll bet I’m the only one writing from this perspective: I am a mommy to a fabulous 20 month old boy. And today, my husband arrived in Iraq for his involuntary recall to active duty……I had planned to start law school this fall, though I hadn’t fully committed to being a full time student before my husband was recalled. I scored decently on my LSATs, but was limited in my choice of law schools because of the commitments that come with being 30 (home, husband’s job, child, money, etc.) Once he was recalled in January, my options became even narrower, but my focus became sharper.

I begin my full time law career this fall… the school may not have been my first choice, but its nearest to me and my child’s daycare (heartbreaking to have to put him in daycare!). Plus, they gave me a scholarship!

Reading onto this month on the butterflyfish blog you’ll see the butterflyfish has adjusted well to law school with the much needed sense of humor. And even made some friends (and perhaps some enemies) as a result of frank blogging about students and professors.

But from what I can tell, the bullshark, as she describes her husband, is still in Iraq and she’s headed off to Mom’s house with her child, clownfish.

Wouldn’t it be great if she got Thanksgiving note from tons of bloggers via a comment on her Thanksgiving list post? It’ll only take a second. Go for it.

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