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Supreme Court Times : Plain-talk & box scores

Ross Runkel’s LawMemo just opened a new section on their website web site called “Supreme Court Times.” Ross calls it a “A one-stop shopping center for US Supreme Court cases with plain-english descriptions and plain-talk commentary.”

The Supreme Court Center includes:

  • A list of all pending and decided cases, each linked to a static page dealing solely with that case: summary, official question presented, argument date, briefs, attorneys, link to official docket sheet, additional sources, etc. Once a case is decided, they reproduce the Court’s syllabus and link to the full text. Here’s an example.
  • A blog, previewing pending cases, predictions as to outcome, and announcements of decided cases.
  • Predictions. A list of our predicted outcomes, actual outcomes, and a box score.

Ross, an employment law professor for 30 years, has pulled together a team of talented law and tech folks down in Portland. Consistently kicking out good stuff.

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