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Top 10 Lies of Web 2.0

As a scarred veteran of the last dotcom boom, it’s important that I retain my common sense and not drink too much of the kool-aid. Matt Mullenwheg turned me on to the Top 10 Lies of Web 2.0 from the Tech Chronicles.

  1. We learned our lesson last time. And we’re going to cash out before this bubble pops.
  2. This is not a bubble.
  3. It’s all about community and sharing.
  4. Online advertising will pay for everything.
  5. These sites are so easy, my mother could use them.
  6. The analysts are trustworthy now.
  7. There’s no glut of social networks — young people are always up for trying something new.
  8. Our site is still in Beta. And it won’t be out of Beta until we figure out how to make money from it, or sell it to Google, whichever comes first.
  9. We’re different from all those other sites.
  10. We look forward to working with our new partners at Google. Take the money, hand over the keys and step aside.

And if still think it’s a whole new world where all the rules from the 90’s count again, subscribe to Guy Kawasaki’s How to Change the World, ‘a practical blog for impractical people.’ Guy challenges us to think big – real big, but to remember it’s all about delivering a product or service of value that people will pay for. Revenues and an appreciative customer base count.

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