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Vancouver BC lawyer blogs panel

November 11, 2006

Had a great time in Vancouver Thursday presenting on a Legal Marketing Association blog panel and hooking up with law a firm marketing director for a leading firm and one of their lawyers that evening.

Especially with the short wait at the border – though it was a few questions shorter when I said I headed an Internet marketing company on the way back. On the way up I said I headed a professional blog development and hosting company. Must have been a non-blogging Canadian blogging official. ;)

Doug Jasinski of Skunkworks Creative Group, who I owe big time for the nice things he said about LexBlog, moderated the panel. Steve Matthews, Knowledge Management Director at Clark Wilson, Attorney Christine Mingie of Lang Michener LLP, and I provided some basics on lawyer blogs as well as shared our passion for blogging and what it has done for each of us professionally.

Surprised to hear from Steve that his latest count on number of Canadian lawyer blogs was less than 100. Based on the interest firms expressed to me about getting started on a blog project for them following the panel discussion I suspect the number is going to grow. Sure looks like wonderful opportunity for leading Canadian lawyers to grab an area before others.

If you’re looking to ask Canadian law firms about their experience with lawyer blogs, you’d be hard pressed to find a better contact than Christine or Steve.

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