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Public service blogs : Give us a call

Received an email this morning from a lawyer whose practice is entirely pro bono criminal defense. She’s looking to create a blog, not to market her practice, but as a resource for the criminal justice community in her metro area. We’ll talk this week and see what LexBlog can do to help.

Anyone working on a public service project who thinks a blog would be helpful in their efforts, please give me a call. I’d like to think LexBlog could do one public service project a month on a pro bono basis. Would include our typical soup to nuts solution as well as ongoing support.

Other lawyers publishing blogs, please spread the word. In the alternative, if you know of a group who could use our help, please let me know.

I’m too old to be bothered by the ‘you’re just doing this as public relations ploy.’ I believe we’re all here to serve in one respect or another. And the Internet is all about giving first, with the rewards coming in due time.

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