Vancouver’s Legal Marketing Association Chapter is having a Legal Blogging Panel Seminar this Thursday, November 9. It’s at the Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Vancouver from 12pm -2pm and the cost is $60 for LMA members, $80 for CBA members and $100 for all others.

As announced by the chapter:

Doug Jasinski of Skunkworks Creative Group will be leading a blogging panel featuring guest speaker Kevin O’Neill, President and founder of LexBlog, the leading provider of marketing blogs to lawyers and other professional service firms in North America. USA Today once said of O’Keefe, ‘[if he] isn’t careful, he may wind up giving lawyers a good name.’

Panelists will include Steve Matthews – Knowledge Management Director at Clark Wilson, and Christine Mingie, Associate, Lang Michener LLP.

Not sure where the O’Neill comes from, maybe that’s O’Keefe in Canuck speak. ;)

  • Aaah, I’m busted Kevin! My sincere apologies for a brief moment of name dyslexia while I was updating the LMA Vancouver chapter website. For the historical record, Kevin O’Neill is a fine lawyer here and Vancouver that I worked with in the early part of my legal career, and definitely NOT the one and only Kevin O’Keefe, founder of LexBlog.
    Humbled by my error as I am, I take some small solace in knowing that even the masters can fall prey to a misguided keystroke from time to time. At the risk of starting a typographical arms race, I note that your November 5 Comment Protocol entry reads :
    “One message LOAD and clear at the Blog Business Summit. . .”
    To err is human, to forgive. . . O’Keefian? On behalf of Vancouver LMA, let me apologize once again for the mix-up, and advise that we look forward to seeing old whatshisname this Thursday!

  • Thanks Doug – And thanks for picking up that typo on ‘load.’ I’m keyboard challenged to begin with and when I make a mistake that spell check doesn’t pick up, I’m screwed.